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At James North General Store we proudly serve Carvalho Coffee

 Carvalho's coffee is grown in Brazil, and is composed of 100% Superior Arabica Coffee beans.   Carvalho is roasted in Oakville


$2 (Small 10oz)   $2.50 (Large 16oz)

We pride ourselves on serving unique one of a kind lattés that one can not necessarily find elsewhere!

Classic Latté $4

Specialty Lattés $4.50 (Maple {featuring Maple Tap Farm maple syrup and maple sugar, garnished with a maple cream cookie}, Lumberjack [bacon infused maple syrup, bacon bits, maple sugar, whipped cream] and more through the year will make their appearances) {other specialty lattés will come and go through the seasons}

Cider $3.75

Cannuck-iccino $3.75 (maple infused cappuccino topped with maple sugar)

The Fogs... London $4 (classic London fog but with a slight twist), and Foggy Canuck $4 {we like to refer to it as the Canadian cousin of the Brit} [yes more maple, and decaf black tea(hence the fogginess)]

Teas (Organic Loose Leaf)
Try our amazing selection made locally by Monarch (selection varies) and 3Teas $2.50


Cold Drinks

Like with our coffee and teas we have tried to bring a cold selection into the store that isn't seen everywhere.

From Good Drink we offer their water, Good Water (each and every bottle sold, Good Drink gives back to those in need around the world), as well as their Organic Spritzers.

Lemonade, the quintessential summertime drink. We carry both Calypso and Cabana (which is completely natural with no artificial colours or flavours).

Reminisce about your youth with a bottle of Pop Shoppe, or try our personal favourite Boylan Vintage Soda (try a bottle of the Birch Beer, a unique and lighter take on Root Beer).

Summertime Specialties... Just like with our warm selections we will periodically feature some fantastic cold selections for you to try. Whether a cup of Lavender Lemonade is on feature or our in house Cold Brew we are sure that you will enjoy them.


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